About BRN

We’re driven by data insights, analytics, and the belief that buyers deserve a better value. That’s why we rebate our clients up to 2% cash back of their new home’s purchase price at closing.

Meet the team


Andrew Borchini

Andrew has spent more than a decade negotiating deals and previously worked at Barclays, the US Senate, and as a litigator at Boies Schiller Flexner. As an attorney and real estate broker, Andrew knows how to best advocate for his clients' interests. He attended the University of Virginia, the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and the Wharton School.


John-Scott Johnson

John-Scott has worked in New York real estate for over 15 years, focused primarily on the Manhattan and Brooklyn markets. In his free time, you can find John-Scott running the New York marathon (three times and counting). John-Scott graduated from Bates College.



Sheriff is passionate about treats, dog parks, playing ball, and barking whenever someone knocks on the door. He loves big apartments, small apartments, condos, coops, and New York City. He graduated summa cum laude graduate from the New York Dog Academy.

Why we created BRN

When we bought in New York, we found the process needlessly complicated and inefficient. We searched for listings and attended open houses ourselves, and our brokers helped us when it came to valuation and negotiation. They were helpful, but we thought they weren’t adding enough value to justify their huge fees — they earned tens of thousands of dollars for just a few hours of work! We decided that there had to be a better way to buy real estate, so we created BRN.

Technology has transformed the process of buying real estate

With listings that were previously available only to brokers now available to anyone with an Internet connection. Market research that used to take days can now be done in seconds.
But while technology has changed, the real estate industry hasn't. Brokers still collect the same high fees they always have. We believe that because the role of brokers has changed, their commissions should, too.

That's why we rebate up to 2% cash back to our clients.

With the average Manhattan condo selling for well over $1 million, the rebates we issue to our clients typically amount to tens of thousands of dollars each.

We've created the home buying experience that we wish we had

And we think you'll agree. It's simpler and more transparent, driven by data insights and analytics rather than a broker's gut feeling about the market. We also think you'll like having a bunch of extra cash in your pocket.