New York's Largest Commission Rebate

Buy your dream home and get up to 2% cash back


Traditional Brokers Make a Killing on Commission

When you work with a broker to buy a home, that broker is paid a commission between 2.5% and 3% of the home's purchase price. For a $1.5 million apartment, that's a commission between $37,500 and $45,000 -- about half the cost of a new Tesla!

We Leverage Technology to Work More Efficiently...

We’re a technology-powered real estate brokerage that makes it easier and cheaper for people to buy apartments in New York. We leverage proprietary data insights and analytics to work smarter and more efficiently than our competitors.

...and Rebate the Broker’s Commission Back to You

Because we work more efficiently than our competitors, we’re able to share our commission with our clients. That’s why we give the biggest commission rebate in New York — up to 2% cash back at closing. No strings attached.

Find your new home

Contact us and let us know what you’re looking for. We’ll help you find listings and open houses, and we’ll set you up with alerts so you’ll never miss out on anything new to the market.

Smart results using data insights and analytics

We’ll crunch the numbers with our proprietary data insights and analytics so you can be confident you’re getting the best home for the best price.

A better experience (and a better deal)

We’ll guide you through our seamless home buying process from start to finish, and you’ll collect up to 2% cash back when you close on your new home.

How BRN Compares
Traditional Agent
Comission Rebate
UP TO 2%
Full Service Agent
Guide Negotiation
Make Offers
Personalized Home Search
Prepare Board Package
Schedule Viewings



Anthony S.
Upper West Side

Andrew and John Scott at BRN are skilled negotiators, put together our (very extensive!) co-op board package, and got us across the finish line to a smooth closing at a great price. BRN also gave us a big rebate check at closing which helped us renovate and decorate our new home! We highly recommend the BRN team — you won’t be disappointed!

Matt B.
Downtown Brooklyn

BRN provided absolutely top notch service — and in addition to giving me a large rebate, they were transparent, responsive, and made the whole process efficient and easy. The BRN team are experts and I’ll definitely use them the next time I buy an apartment.

Rucha D.

The BRN team was terrific from start to finish — great service, expert advice, and you can’t beat the 2% rebate! They helped with every step of the process and took a lot of the stress out of buying my first home. Definitely the best way to buy real estate in New York.


Reach out to learn more about collecting up to 2% cash back when you buy New York real estate with BRN.